Brandy Sweets 
Erotic Bodywork Artist &

Intimacy Coach

First Contact

Change takes commitment and dedication, invest in yourself. No commit, let's chat and see if we are a good fit. My sessions are designed to be a step in your journey. When we first met for a session I will ask about your pertinent history, broad background questions, and your goals in order for us to establish a rapport. Then I will be able to outline the most beneficial exercises I offer for you.   

The first 5 minutes free give me a call

Meet & Greet 

Casual conversation publicly, let's see if we "click"

$50 minutes 15-30 minutes  

Cuddle Clothed & Connect Platonically Unavailable - COVID

(returning guests only) 

Everyone needs to be held and cared for. I am here to hold space for you and to hold you. Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger. Holding a hug or cuddling raises one's serotonin levels elevating mood and happiness. Remember hugs are free and lots of other people would love for you to ask if they would like one. 

$80 45 minutes

$300 4x monthly (prepay and save)


$40 30 minute Zoom call 

$80 60 minutes In-person chat  

$200 60 minute Hands-on 

Self-LovEvolution Reintroducing Intimacy After Grief Cooperative Sessions

(sexual bereavement or anticipatory grief including sexual organs & function) 

There is no right way to grief. Only you will know when you are ready to enjoy yourself again. Remember, orgasms through masturbation or partnered "sex" can be cathartic and healing. Discover there is still more for you in your sex life with no pressure to perform, just explore the possibilities through a variety of modalities including conscious breathwork, compassionate touch, role play, tantric practices, Somatic experiences, guided visualization, many massage techniques, and other holistic approaches. Reawaken your pleasure center, redefine sex, and find your core desires. I can help you to build a positive sexual self-image, learn about today's safer sex practices, find the right toy options, and provide tips to have a boundary and consent conversation comfortably. Here, with me, you can experience the reintroduction of intimate touch through erotic bodywork at your comfort level and much more. Helping you more than survive but to thrive.

$350 approx 3-4 hours  can be split into 2-4 visits

Self-LovEvolution for All Cooperative Sessions

So many of us go thru life feeling like we do not "fit" anywhere. There are countless ways we are pitted against one another. Religion is a big reason many struggle with sex and sexuality. Sexuality is fluid and yours may change at any point in life. Many changes usually occur, throughout life, such as, how long you last, what you fantasize, about, etc... Everything that makes up your individual erotic being is subject to change at any point in life. The other major contributors include the mainstream stereotyping of body shapes/sizes and people of color while excluding the disabled altogether when it comes to sex. I am here to help folks find their own sexual strengths, adequate adaptions for their weaknesses, and discuss different options that might help them better physically connect. Heterosexual, missionary, marital sex for procreation is not the only way. Here we will explore what feels right for you. Our sexuality is not to be chaperoned. We can discuss anything from masturbation to gang bangs, from cross-dressing to fetishes, old terms like cunning linguist (oral sex on her), and new terms like "intersex"(folks who are born with not just simple xx or xy chromosomes and account for at least one percent of the population). Perfect for those feeling curious or excluded for what ever the reason. 

$350 approx 3-4 hours can be split into 2-4 visits  

Self-LovEvolution for Those Raised as Men Cooperative Sessions

Men are generally taught from a very young age to shut down their feelings. Thus emotionally available men seem to be an endangered species. That fact is men have just and many emotions as women. Challenge stereotypes about what men are supposed to do or be. Here, I help to compassionately unravel ideas of masculinity and erectile performance, encouraging you to become more comfortable and confident with yourself. Experience several hands-on exercises, discover core desires, learn skills for communicating needs wants, and desires, through a range of modalities including somatic practices, consensual touch, guided visualizations, expressive vocalizations, role play, tantric principles, and other holistic approaches. Discover the dimensions of sex and ways to honestly communicate your needs, wants, and desires. Find out more about today's safer sex practices, how to have a boundary and consent conversation comfortably. Here we will de-shame sex toys, explore self-pleasure and so much more.

$350 approx 3-4 hours can be split into 2-4 visits

Self-LovEvolution for Those Rasied as Ladies Cooperative Sessions

Females are socialized to be givers, to have good impulse control, to ignore their own desires, and focus on their loved ones. Beginning in the Victorian era, women have been groomed to think they are supposed to be pure, asexual, and withholding, while female sexuality has been hypocritically exploited for profit by society. It's 2020's ladies, you can get yours! Through role-play, Somatic experiences, and other holistic practices I can help empower you to find body/anatomy acceptance as well as identify & eliminate inhibitors. So you can discover your core desires, examine your pleasure options, examine relationship patterns, learn to recognize as well as communicate your needs, your wants, limits, and so much more. Here you will develop the ability to advocate for yourself in getting your desires met and keeping your boundaries. Learn ways to comfortably initiate sex, de-shame sex toys, explore your curiosity and investigate self-touch for pleasure. My sessions also include consensual touch including multiple massage techniques. You can rewrite your script!

$350 approx 3-4 hours can be split into 2-4 visits 

Self-LovEvolution Skills for Lovers Cooperative Sessions

Would you like to keep you lover on the edge for hours? Let my experience help guide in you understanding sensual massage and seduction. Here you will redefine sex, finding enjoyment in the journey. The myth sex is natural, and everybody should just know how to do it is damaging. I guide you in understanding desires, fantasy and seduction. By encouraging you to become more comfortable through role-play, several hands-on experiences, somatic exercises, and many other modalities you will find the confidence to be the lover you dream of. You will also learn about the dimensions of sex, sensual massage techniques, new safer sex practices, how to have a boundary and consent conversation comfortably. I will help you to understand body language cues, successful flirting, next step progression, types of touch, porn no’s, and more. We will explore connection skills for lovers inspired by a blend of Tantric principles, several massage techniques, attunement, breathwork, and more. Ideal skills to share with a lover as the perfect foreplay. Ideal for those who feel they are not getting it "right", those  who looking to connect on a deeper level with someone special or wanting to regain the spark your relationship once had.

$675 approx. 5 hours  can be split into 2-4 visits include a partner no additional cost